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Sixtember 2

We all know Inktober and Sketchvember are coming up and I love those challenges. I’m always gearing up for it all through the Summer and doodling aimlessly until then. I began to feel like we need something in September because Summer is winding down, the cool weather is starting (Here, anyway!) and its when I feel most inspired. It seems like a good time to do some warm up art leading up to the other challenge months. Chatting with my friend Sio about it, that’s how Siobhan came up with the idea for Sixtember. So that’s what we are going to do this year! A drawing a day taking 6 minutes each. you’ll see our posts start showing up in our Instagram @gurukittystudios and you can also follow Siobhans posts on her instagram @Sio.Smith !

Want to join in? Just take a drawing as far as you can for 6 minutes then post it with hashtag #sixtember and/or #sixtember2017.