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Art of Jeri Weaver – Animals Colouring Book


canadianCanadian Madeecoproduct Eco Friendly

This is an advanced colouring book of animals intended for adventurous colourists looking for a challenge. The open spaces and more realistic style gives greater opportunity to experiment with textures, blending, light and shadow.
Total book size is 6″x8″


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This is an Eco Friendly product made with Sugar paper, a type of AgriPaper, made from the residue waste of sugar cane which decreases C02 emissions and deforestation.

The Sugar sheets for the interior pages were tested with Copic Markers and have proven to have good blend ability and smooth lay down of colour.  The cover of this book was coloured on the very stock used inside the book to give you an accurate idea of how the markers looked. A scrap sheet of paper is needed for a barrier to prevent bleed through, however the book is single sided so that you will be able to colour all 16 images.   Pencil crayons also behaved well on this paper. Water media is not recommended.