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FanExpo 2015


Hello, as you can see our site is slowly coming back together and some things are appearing. It still has a long way to go, however all webcomics and galleries are back up.  There is actually some additional content in the galleries, some of the comics not posted in full before are now available to read in full.

You may have also seen us building up a shop integrated into our website which includes an adorable wishlist! That is all going to be new as well, but it’s not ready yet… well you could play with the wishlist if you want, but it wont really do you any good at the moment.

Back to the point here:

Join us at FanExpo Vancouver April 3-5, 2015! We will be in artists alley at table A45, right near the celebrity area, and we will have some new products for sale!

We will also be at Vancaf 2015,May 23-24 2015, hope to see you there!