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Indiegogo complete!… so whats next?

Well, the indiegogo campaign is done, did we meet our goal? Nope.

But there is still hope, thanks to everyone, but especially Blur Ple (we love you) we made JUST enough to be able to do the book, at the same printer but just fewer copies.

Was the indiegogo a success? ABSOLUTELY!

If you missed the indiegogo fundraiser but still want to help, you can still donate to use via paypal (button below) or support us via our patreon page, any money we have right now and anything we get in the coming months will only add to making Hello Albertosaurus more epic! We would LOVE to try and get some more so we can do some better paper stocks. I will be openinging pre-orders on our website soon as well, but those are going to be at retail price, not the prices we had on the fundraiser, so keep a weather eye!

So now what? Well now we have a LOT to do, Jayleen is in the middle of re-doing some pages (refreshing the art on some pages that weren’t as awesome), and then Jeri is going to re-letter the whole thing, then we have to layout the entire book, creating the extra interior pages that will be included. So all in all, many weeks and months of work.
Our goal is to get this done by Christmas, send the books to the printer and have at least our Patreon and Indiegogo books in our hands by about… May. May is the goal because we want to sell it at Vancaf 2019 as our first launch.

Side note, we may be noticing some changes on the website soon, we are going to be doing some revamps, so don’t worry if you see some weird things happening!

Thank you to everyone who has come out and supported us on Patreon and with this indiegogo!