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These are a collection of questions we have been asked or we thought people may want extra information on. If you have a question, feel free to comment below and we will answer it and add it to the FAQ.

What does the “canadianCanadian Made” icon mean?

The “canadianCanadian Made” little icon and text appears on some products in the shop and it means that item has been manufactured in Canada. For example, “The Art of Jeri Weaver Colouring Book: Animals” contains this icon because the book was printed at a local Canadian printer, and since I am located in Canada it means we are supporting our local economy as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

What does the “ecoproduct Eco Friendly” Icon mean?

The “ecoproduct Eco Friendly” Icon and text appears on products in the shop where eco friendly papers or products have been specifically selected. For example “The Art of Jeri Weaver Colouring Book: Animals” was printed on waste material from Sugar factories.

Are there multiple artists on this site? why is all the art so different?

Yes, there are multiple artists, Jeri and Jayleen Weaver, we are twins. We each do our own thing but when we do collective things we publish under the name Gurukitty Studios.

When is Daqueran going to update again?

Um….I’m sorry. I do plan on starting it up, but other work (anthology and other illustration projects) has pushed it back a while. It will have it’s final chapter done, it’s not abandon, it’s only on Hiatus.

Where can I find you guys to buy your stuff in person?

We frequently attend Vancaf and FanExpo Vancouver, just check up on our facebook page or keep checking the website, we will announce our appearances.

I’ve seen art of (name of character from your favorite movie) by you before, why cant I find a print or merchandise to buy of it?

We do draw fanart on occasion and you may see it on our instagram pages or in our various online galleries, however we cannot and will not make merchandise of characters we do not have the rights to. Doing so is copyright infringement and we are very mindful of making sure our artwork and sales do not infringe on other people or companies rights to profits of their own products. You may say, “Well I saw (insert another  creator) selling (insert game or movie character) at a convention.” Well that person is either a licensed artists for that company (worked on a marvel comic and has limited rights to produce artwork with those character for promotion) or they are infringing on another creators copyright, which is illegal.
Yes, we know it is a widespread and common practice and the reason is that it’s easier to sell someone elses idea then it is to promote and sell an original one because the marketing is already done and it already has a fanbase. We are not going to do it, we want to remain legitimate artists building our own unique brand. Yes, it’s the harder path, but it is also the better path in the long run, which is why we appreciate support of fans like yourself who read our comics and buy our merchandise.