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Production Notes 7

Hello! Welcome to our Productions Notes! We have been busy lately after an age of silence. We just finished VANCAF and are now barreling ahead on Hello, Albertosaurus being printed.

little gwu - basicwebBrownies: an inktober 2017 collection premiered at Vancaf! I made all my inktober brownie drawings into a little zine with a pink cover. They might make it up on etsy and in our online store so watch for that.

Hello, Albertosaurus!  the Indiegogo campaign to print is live! It’s been ~10 years since we went to Drumheller, 4+ years of drawing, 2 years of planning, tons of paper, marker, pens and deadlines and the comic is nearly done. If we do well on the Indiegogo we can have great add ons to the print to make the book look more and more special! We are so excited about this! This has been the longest going completed project we’ve done to date and I’m so pleased with how it looks!
The great thing about indiegogo is you get a quality creator-created-with-passion product and your contribution all goes directly towards the artist and creating the project. There’s no middle man cutting into the profits and no corporations sucking up more money.
We could really use your help getting this campaign noticed! Please share the link on your social media!

This is going to consume my life for the next 6 months or so, and beyond. We intend to have the printed copies available at VanCAF next year and we are so excited! I hope you’re excited too and I hope that helps us meet our goal!

little jep - basicweb
Vital facts that could prevent unnecessary and tragic end for the big fellow” is a quote you may have heard once, but it’s also the title of a mini zine I released for Vancaf. The mini zine was a collection of information about the biology and ecology of the endangered animal known as bigfoot…if he exists. If you are interested in this volume, watch out for it’s appearance in our shop in the near future.

Now that Bigfoot is done, and Vancaf is over, we have to move onto new things, I am going to be picking back up with my extinct animals book project. I will be doing some research and illustrations on various species that have disappeared from earth and compiling them into a book.


I hope those of you that have been waiting for Hello, Albertosaurs for years are going to take advantage of this Indie gogo and help us meet our goal and make this book the best it can be, and those of you who are just new to it, I hope you’ll love it and want the print version in your library <3