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These are stories that can be read online


A slave hero, controlled by a unicorn to assassinate a dragon leader.

Hello, Albertosaurus

This is a day by day comic retelling of the trip we took with our dad to go to Drumheller. Yeah, Its a story about going to the museum but you know what? it's exciting! It's Cute! You'll love it

Published works

These stories were published in various books and anthologies.

pg 01 pg 02 alternate pg 03 pg 04 pg 05-corrected pg 06 pg 07 pg 08 pg 09 pg 10 pg 11 pg 12- alternate pg 13 pg 14 pg 15


Nature and fantasy illustrations

Various fantasy and nature art usually in watercolours

Art of Jayleen Weaver

Illustrations and comic work of Jayleen Weaver


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