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Productions Notes 2

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 Production Notes

Keep up to date on what we are doing, even when we run silent.


little jep - basicwebEpic Canadianamanga studio cutting off characters

The Ghost Woman story I was doing for Cloudscape comics is DONE! I used Eon Comic boards and I really liked them; they were super bright white and smooth so they scanned very well. I also got wrangled into lettering Gwu’s One Flew Over for Epic Canadiana as well, and I used Manga studio 5 for lettering, as usual. I do like that program but I did have some issues with characters getting cut off with the text tool and having to correct them with spaces and other tricks; obviously not a bug free program.


Now that my outside obligations are once again complete, I will be working on Daqueran. I would like to be able to have it complete within a year, and hopefully soon after that I would like to have a trade paperback of the entire series complete. One thing that might delay the paperback is that I would like to re-do the first issue, it was done digitally and I think it’s akward; it was also done a LONG time ago (2007) and it needs to be …better. But I can always have the final chapter complete for next convention season, and then the trade ready at some point in the near future. I hope some people are looking forward to that.

Extinct animal series

The Thylacines are complete! We were selling prints of them at Vancaf this weekend. I am hoping to make an extinct animal art book and I was thinking of throwing in some endangered animals as well, since we are getting requests at conventions for specific animals (Whale Shark has been added to this list).     little gwu - basicweb

One Flew Over

One flew over is finally complete! To my horrible shame I was horribly late with getting it done. All the sick cat drama took so much of my time. Anyway, it’s done and I think it looks good! I’m really excited about that one. We stayed up till 2am finishing. Jepi helped by lettering for me. Patreon patrons have seen a couple pages already but everyone else will have to wait until it’s in print. oneflewover-preview

Hello, Albertosaurus

I didn’t post a Hello, Albertosaurus page this week because I had to prepare for Vancaf but since Vancaf is the last show of the year for us I’ll be back to regular updates next week. I’m going to try to have it printed by next Vancaf so in less than a year we will be posting pre orders for it. I’m so excited!


Vancaf has been a huge success for us. We didn’t bring enough comics on the first day and actually sold out around 2pm! We sold all our bags too! We brought them as an experiment to see if they would sell so we didn’t have too many but still surprised! I’m so excited about someone carrying around a hello, albertosaurus bag in the city, haha. You know, someone other than me. We will have more bags in the future and maybe other things too.     When we do conventions like this we get lots of questions on how we get started and stuff like that. So many times people ask how they can get started but there is really only one answer to that question. Make some comics. You can’t think about diving into the convention scene without anything to sell promote. Web comics are a great way to build a following so when you do go to conventions you have something to sell and share.