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Production Notes 5

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A quick note to everyone: Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! We appreciate everything you do to help us be successful, especially our invaluable Patreons!

Hello, Albertosaurus


I’m back to work on this, so sorry for the delay. We’ve had some rough times, I tell ya. It all started last summer with my illness, it seemed like each time I recovered from something life would take me for a ride again. The latest being the loss of my beloved Cat after 16 years, Viddies. <3 I will never recover from this loss but I will learn to pick myself up. I’ve started sketching pages and the layouts need a lot of work. Then I can work on the re-lettering and the formatting for print.


Rest in Seas

I completed and posted Rest In Seas, My Collaboration with Greg Thelen. I think it turned out really nice and it looks really pleasing. One of my favourite ones I’ve ever worked on. Thank you, Greg, for such an awesome experience!


Pet Portraits & Illustrations

My Pet Portraits have been going very well! I look forward to more orders! They’ve been a big hit as gifts for friends and memorials. I’ve found these cute little illustrations just work for me very well and I’m also doing more illustrations like these of wildlife and scenery. Soon I should have some fresh artwork for conventions. One of them is already on Redbubble as merchandise! I also have an instagram set up Just for my Pet Portraits if you want to follow them!



As many have Noticed, I have an Etsy shop set up to use for commissions rather than through our website. I did this to get more traffic but also to sell and list other little items that don’t really fit into the Gurukitty website really, or are one of a kind pieces. More is coming soon as our Patrons know already, and Vancaf attendee’s had an opportunity to purchase. I’m just working out some logistics and making enough stock to start off. Soon!


Canada Post

There is currently a dispute in Canada Post that may or May not (?) disrupt Shipments to and from canada. We will do our best to ship though alternative services but at this point that is fairly limited and would cost significantly more. We will be sure to update as things progress.





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Bones of the Coast: The Shining one

The final comic has been shipped off to the editors and after only one minor edit (Unheard of) the comic will be complete! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that that comic will be out of my life, it was quite a rocky adventure. Patreons will be able to read it early this week after the final edits are complete.



I had just completed a painting of a cecaelia and I used iridescent acrylic as hair to make it super shiny and sparkly, however that presents some challenges with making prints. I am thinking of making some limited edition prints on rag paper and painting in the hair with that same silvery shiny paint. It would be VERY labour intensive and so there would be a very limited number of them. Regular prints do look cool still too, so they will appear in the shop soon but are already available on redbubble as a lot of cool things!


I have opened up commissions now that that comic project is done. I’m hoping for some nice challenges and new ideas to bring to life for people who have a love of tangible real-life artwork.


We have been working away on the Gurukitty Website behind the scenes a bit, and you may notice the menu changing a bit, products slowly being added to the shop and pages popping up. We are working on condensing even further and getting rid of the StoreEnvy shop, keeping everything contained. Our website has a lot of functions and adorable things we can do with it that we just haven’t had time to fully explore.  We will keep our redbubble shop as it has some awesome products we would never be able to manufacture and sell on our own.


Now that the Bones of the Coast comic is complete, i will begin work on Daqueran again, as promised. There is a bit of unfun script and layout work to be done before any pages will be showing up, but it will be done. I just need to finish a couple illustrations for a series first and maybe make a nice fancy Daqueran Illustration to re-acquaint myself with the characters.