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Production Notes 3

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 Production Notes

Keep up to date on what we are doing, even when we run silent.


little gwu - basicweb

Hello, Albertosaurus

Still working on Hello, Albertosaurus! I missed a week updating because I ended up in the hospital but I’m back on track and hope there won’t be too many unexpected surprises like that one. I’m a little behind on my publishing goal so I’m not sure how to catch up on that one. but I’ll try. I’d love to have it published by next VANCAF.


New Projects

Well, I can’t say too much as I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say but I am working for a comic about cats with a company. The designs are done and we’re just working on some stories to build up. It’ll be on Tapastic as well as the business’s site so if you watch our Tapastic you’ll see it when its updated. Our patrons on Patreon are already getting all the details.

I’ve also added my own cat comic, House Lions, to Tapastic. It’ll be just an intermittent comic. Whenever I get a spare moment and inspirations some more silly cat comics will happen.

I have a few short comics in my head I’d really like to start putting into a physical form as well, so that will likely be another Tapastic series. Spreading myself thin, you say? Nonsense! 😛

Bones of The Coast

I’m also working with a really lovely writer, Greg Thelen,  on a pitch for Cloudscapes latest anthology project Bones of the Coast. I’m stoked about this one because the theme is perfect! I love horror and I love the coast!!!  Gregs story is a winner, I know it! I just hope my drawing and colouring will do it justice and we get accepted into this anthology.



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Extinct animals

Working on more extinct and endangered animals, I posted two new paintings on DA and on the website. Patreons also got a sneak peek of a cryptid painting I am working on.

Newest paintings are of a stellers sea cow and a whale shark. The whale shark was suggested by a convention goer at Vancaf 2015.

If you have a suggestion for the next extinct animal (mostly due to human activity), let me know! With a huge list it’s sometimes hard to pick which one to do next.

Sneak peeks are posted on Patreon.


Still pluggin along on Daqueran, some previews have been showing up on Patreon. I am trying to get several pages done before I start posting again. Patreons are getting sneak peeks and will get to see the pages right away as I finish them.

Bones of the Coast

I will possibly be working on a story for Cloudscapes latest anthology. More on that once I confirm. I have been designing characters for it already, so hopefully the script, written by Bevan Thomas,gets accepted.

Epic Canadiana

I will be inking part of another story for the Epic Canadiana 2, just helping out a friend who is injured.

Possible new webcomic

I am in the talks with someone about possibly doing a webcomic with them, it would be a long way off yet, but it would be a considerable project. More on that as it develops.

Thats probably more than enough to keep me busy for a while!