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Jeri Weaver

Illustrations | Sequentials


The Art of Jeri Weaver

Paintings and commissioned works by Jeri Weaver
Prints available of selected artwork in the shop


These stories were published in various books and anthologies.

Cecaelia      Humpback       Guanlong        Alien Homeland        Stellers Sea Cow         Whale Shark         Song of the Sea           Thylacine            Tanystropheus            Dodo             Seal Mermaid on the BC coast    Queen Iada         Purity Revised   Honey Moon           Winter 2014   Baby Tapir  Puumla Concept work kalemalemeBow Fishing Impa            Painted Iada INKtober          Rainforest Unicorn         Hynerpeton iadawaterswoosydrippyhair small       Therizinosaurus   Daqueran in ashes

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