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Jeri Weaver

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Nature and fantasy illustrations

Various fantasy and nature art usually in watercolours


Paleoart by Jeri Weaver

"Paleoart is any original artistic work that attempts to reconstruct or depict prehistoric life according to the current knowledge and scientific evidence at the moment of creating the artwork." - Wikipedia


While I do paint and draw fantasy life using dinosaurs, those will not be included in this gallery. This gallery will contain only true works of Paleoart where care has been taken to accuracy and authenticity. 


These stories were published in various books and anthologies.

Daqueran Chapter 1

Daqueran encounters a familiar looking girl that interferes with his plans and anti-social personality.

Daqueran Chapter 2

Daqueran and Iada go help some Mermaids.

Daqueran Chapter 3

After learning of Iada's special abilities, Daqueran and Iada continue to travel and get to know each other.

Daqueran Chapter 4

The unicorn begins plotting something with a mysterious feathered dragon, while Iada and Daqueran continue into the stinky ash fields.

Daqueran Chapter 5

After escaping Failon in the ash fields, Iada and Daqueran travel through some caves emerging in a swamp where they meet an unlikely ally.

Daqueran Chapter 6

Daqueran meets a very old friend from his past that takes Iada on the last part of her journey, leaving Daqueran to complete his task alone. 

Daqueran Chapter 7

Daqueran Chapter 7 is currently being roughed and thumbnailed and will be updating again soon. This will be the final chapter.


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