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These stories were published in various books and anthologies.

A Grandmothers Tale

This story was created for Cloudscape Comics "Mega Fauna" anthology. The story is painted with watercolours.

Shown here are a few sample pages from the story, the full version is available to Patreons.

Story By Ian Thomas
Art By Jeri Weaver

Beware the Slaughterer

Beware the Slaughterer was created for Cloudscape Comics Epic Canadiana Ebook and is loosely based off Nelvana of the North from old Canadian super hero comics.  The story also contains Ghost Woman, Johnny Canuck and other historical Canadian superheros.

Story by Bevan Thomas
Art by Jeri Weaver

Lions Wings, Lions Bones

Lions Wings, Lions Bones was created for the 2012 Gurukitty Anthology "Once Upon a Time..."

A lion is double crossed by a bullfrog because his friends were unreliable.

Story and Art by Jeri Weaver

Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear was a short 4 page, black and white comic done for Fearsome Fables for the Charity Childs Play.

Story and Art by Jeri Weaver

Rules for Ghosts

Rules for Ghosts was published in the 2011 Gurukitty Studios anthology Ghost Tales.

Story and Art by Jeri Weaver

Because we can

Story created for the 2013 Gurukitty Anthology "Gateways to Beyond". The story is based off of true events of animal experiments.

Story and art by Jeri Weaver


A slave hero, controlled by a unicorn to assassinate a dragon leader.


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