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Inktober 2015



Inktober is upon us again and we will  be doing weekly art draws , like last year, as well as offering our Inktober ink artwork for sale.  Since there are two Gurukitties, there will be 62 images to pick from and two themes to pick from.

Guru is going to be doing Creepy Crypids! Cryptozoology is a legitimate science! Kitty will be doing Animals (Here and Gone) following the theme of extinct animals but including other cuties.

Each artwork will be 5×7 inches big and signed by the artist and will not contain watermarks. Originals will be mailed free of charge for draw winners. You must be willing to provide a mailing address.

To enter

Simply comment on this post (feel free to suggest cryptids or animals you would like to see when you do), you will be entered into a draw.  A new draw will started each week and you will be able to see new images each day.
While we will be posting images on Instagram and Facebook, only comments on this post will count to the weekly draw.

If you aren’t interested in entering a draw and just want to purchase some of the artwork, they will be available in the shop (for a limited time) as well and any purchased will be removed from the draw immediately (being marked as SOLD in the gallery).


Currently accepting entries for

Giveaway ended, thanks everyone!

Week One Winner: B.A. Boyd
Week Two Winner: Khayla England
Week Three Winner: Carli Erin Gaudet
Week Four Winner: sangeeta
Halloween draw Winner: rainetomoe &  Erica Dickson





  • Erica Dickson

    Looking good

    • Hey! You won! Let us know which one you want!

      • Erica

        Is the cassowary still available?

        • Yep, you can have it

          • Erica

            Yes! I must! I will text u my address!

  • B.A. Boyd

    That precious baby Mothman. I needs it. All of these are really cool, though!

  • Carli Erin Gaudet

    The ermine is so cute!!! And little Dino!

  • Khayla England

    Oh my!! That Mothman and Jersey Devil are seriously fantastic! And I love love love that genet! Actually, I really love all of them, but I think those might be my favorites so far. 😀

    If you’re looking for ideas, may I suggest something equine (perhaps a zebra or a larger breed of horse, such as a Shire horse or Friesian?) for Animals, and the loch ness monster for Cryptids (sorry, not very original is it?). Maybe a Dobhar-chú (which I fully admit I just looked up, but looks awesome) instead?

    • Horse of some kind is coming, I’ve started several and changed my mind, I haven’t settled on a type or breed yet. I was thinking a Konick, fjord, Gypsy Vanner or black forest horse, something along those lines.

      Some more aqua-cyptids coming too, never fear

    • Hi! You are the week 2 winner!

      contact with your choice and delivery information at your convenience. (you can wait till the end of the month when all the art is posted so you have more to choose from if you want)

      • Khayla England

        Oh! Thank you! I’ll wait for the end to choose, but I already have two or three I’m currently debating between at the moment. (I’ll email when I’ve made my choice, thank you again :D)

  • sangeeta

    The Kiwi and Yeti Seriously cute

  • Carli Erin Gaudet

    These are the cutest! The giant anteater is my new favourite!

    • You win!
      Do you want anteater or do you want to wait until the end and get more choices?

      • Carli Erin Gaudet

        Yes! Anteater :)! Yay!!!

  • sangeeta

    The one I like this week is Yeti,still love the Kiwi!

    • Hey! Congrats! you won a draw! Please email with your mailing address and your choice.
      Some have been selling through our shop so double check to make sure they are still available.

      • sangeeta

        Thank you!

  • rainetomoe

    I love all of your inktober art! Amazing to see the updates every day.