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Production Notes 6

little jep - basicweb

Swan song Anthology

I have finally finished a watercolour 5 page comic for the Cloudscape Swan Song Anthology. Gosh! it was brutal having to paint such large pages (14”x14”), but the final book is expected to be 12×12, to mimic a vinyl record sleeve. The pages are full watercolour on Fabriano SP watercolour paper.

The Cryptid Project: Ravings from a Skeptical Believer

I have been designing Cryptids for my next book project, more information and sketches will be available soon, first to see them will be Patreons. I have had a strong interest in cryptozoology and my scientific and rational mind often conflicts with my sense of adventure, so this should be interesting.

  Aside from those, I have other projects in mind, but I need to learn to focus on one project. You’ll see little sneak peeks of these on Patreon.



little gwu - basicweb

I’ve finished my school (Diploma in Veterinary Assisting, woo day job.) so now I’m back to just working full time and can dedicate my days off back to my kitties and of course, Hello, Albertosaurus.

It’s actually pretty close to wrapping up so I’m hoping to get this done fairly quickly and have at least a rough print sample for next Vancaf in May 2018. At that point we will also have our Kickstarter to cover the printing cost. If you’re a patron at certain levels on our Patreon you will be getting one of the first copies already.

At this point we are about ⅓ of the way through chapter 7, then chapter 8 is a short chapter then it’s done.


Sixtember is something new that was developed in a conversation with Siobhan. We were lamenting the lack of art challenges for September and wanted something link Inktober and sketchvember but with a little less structure as a warm up. #Sixtember was Siobhans idea to do Six minute sketches every day.  We were very surprised to see so many people start doing it right off the bat! It’s been really fun. We’re going to keep this up every year from now on 🙂

Gurukitty Studios wants to thank our Patreons for their continued support

Patreon Update:
We made a change to Patreon. Instead of Patrons getting the comic pages 1 day in advance they see the pages 1 week in advance of the public. There are also some perks like seeing a 2 page spread as one image instead of split on 2.

Hello, Albertosaurus is going to take up significant amounts of our time in the next year but Patreons will be able to see our progress. After Hello, Albertosaurus I will start announcing more ongoing projects. I just gotta Focus.

Aerial Escape is now available in full for “Secret comic pages Tier” Patreons.



Sixtember 2

We all know Inktober and Sketchvember are coming up and I love those challenges. I’m always gearing up for it all through the Summer and doodling aimlessly until then. I began to feel like we need something in September because Summer is winding down, the cool weather is starting (Here, anyway!) and its when I feel most inspired. It seems like a good time to do some warm up art leading up to the other challenge months. Chatting with my friend Sio about it, that’s how Siobhan came up with the idea for Sixtember. So that’s what we are going to do this year! A drawing a day taking 6 minutes each. you’ll see our posts start showing up in our Instagram @gurukittystudios and you can also follow Siobhans posts on her instagram @Sio.Smith !

Want to join in? Just take a drawing as far as you can for 6 minutes then post it with hashtag #sixtember and/or #sixtember2017.



Inktober 2016


This year we will be doing more random work, not such a strict theme like last year, but I (Jeri) am going to do some prehistoric animals and plants with some inky flourishes.  You can see the images below, as well as on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to make any suggestions or comments  in the comment section below.



Rest in Seas

Last year Greg Thelen and I joined forces to submit a story for Cloudscapes Bones of the Coast Anthology. Unfortunately, we were rejected however we decided we liked the story and we were going to create the comic anyway. Well, after much waiting (For me) and anticipation it is finally complete! I think it turned out amazing and I hope you enjoy it.
If you do enjoy our  work, please consider becoming a Patron.

Continue reading on Tapastic


Inktober 2015



Inktober is upon us again and we will  be doing weekly art draws , like last year, as well as offering our Inktober ink artwork for sale.  Since there are two Gurukitties, there will be 62 images to pick from and two themes to pick from.

Guru is going to be doing Creepy Crypids! Cryptozoology is a legitimate science! Kitty will be doing Animals (Here and Gone) following the theme of extinct animals but including other cuties.

Each artwork will be 5×7 inches big and signed by the artist and will not contain watermarks. Originals will be mailed free of charge for draw winners. You must be willing to provide a mailing address.

To enter

Simply comment on this post (feel free to suggest cryptids or animals you would like to see when you do), you will be entered into a draw.  A new draw will started each week and you will be able to see new images each day.
While we will be posting images on Instagram and Facebook, only comments on this post will count to the weekly draw.

If you aren’t interested in entering a draw and just want to purchase some of the artwork, they will be available in the shop (for a limited time) as well and any purchased will be removed from the draw immediately (being marked as SOLD in the gallery).


Currently accepting entries for

Giveaway ended, thanks everyone!

Week One Winner: B.A. Boyd
Week Two Winner: Khayla England
Week Three Winner: Carli Erin Gaudet
Week Four Winner: sangeeta
Halloween draw Winner: rainetomoe &  Erica Dickson






Production Notes 3

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 Production Notes

Keep up to date on what we are doing, even when we run silent.


little gwu - basicweb

Hello, Albertosaurus

Still working on Hello, Albertosaurus! I missed a week updating because I ended up in the hospital but I’m back on track and hope there won’t be too many unexpected surprises like that one. I’m a little behind on my publishing goal so I’m not sure how to catch up on that one. but I’ll try. I’d love to have it published by next VANCAF.


New Projects

Well, I can’t say too much as I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say but I am working for a comic about cats with a company. The designs are done and we’re just working on some stories to build up. It’ll be on Tapastic as well as the business’s site so if you watch our Tapastic you’ll see it when its updated. Our patrons on Patreon are already getting all the details.

I’ve also added my own cat comic, House Lions, to Tapastic. It’ll be just an intermittent comic. Whenever I get a spare moment and inspirations some more silly cat comics will happen.

I have a few short comics in my head I’d really like to start putting into a physical form as well, so that will likely be another Tapastic series. Spreading myself thin, you say? Nonsense! 😛

Bones of The Coast

I’m also working with a really lovely writer, Greg Thelen,  on a pitch for Cloudscapes latest anthology project Bones of the Coast. I’m stoked about this one because the theme is perfect! I love horror and I love the coast!!!  Gregs story is a winner, I know it! I just hope my drawing and colouring will do it justice and we get accepted into this anthology.



little jep - basicweb

Extinct animals

Working on more extinct and endangered animals, I posted two new paintings on DA and on the website. Patreons also got a sneak peek of a cryptid painting I am working on.

Newest paintings are of a stellers sea cow and a whale shark. The whale shark was suggested by a convention goer at Vancaf 2015.

If you have a suggestion for the next extinct animal (mostly due to human activity), let me know! With a huge list it’s sometimes hard to pick which one to do next.

Sneak peeks are posted on Patreon.


Still pluggin along on Daqueran, some previews have been showing up on Patreon. I am trying to get several pages done before I start posting again. Patreons are getting sneak peeks and will get to see the pages right away as I finish them.

Bones of the Coast

I will possibly be working on a story for Cloudscapes latest anthology. More on that once I confirm. I have been designing characters for it already, so hopefully the script, written by Bevan Thomas,gets accepted.

Epic Canadiana

I will be inking part of another story for the Epic Canadiana 2, just helping out a friend who is injured.

Possible new webcomic

I am in the talks with someone about possibly doing a webcomic with them, it would be a long way off yet, but it would be a considerable project. More on that as it develops.

Thats probably more than enough to keep me busy for a while!


Productions Notes 2

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 Production Notes

Keep up to date on what we are doing, even when we run silent.


little jep - basicwebEpic Canadianamanga studio cutting off characters

The Ghost Woman story I was doing for Cloudscape comics is DONE! I used Eon Comic boards and I really liked them; they were super bright white and smooth so they scanned very well. I also got wrangled into lettering Gwu’s One Flew Over for Epic Canadiana as well, and I used Manga studio 5 for lettering, as usual. I do like that program but I did have some issues with characters getting cut off with the text tool and having to correct them with spaces and other tricks; obviously not a bug free program.


Now that my outside obligations are once again complete, I will be working on Daqueran. I would like to be able to have it complete within a year, and hopefully soon after that I would like to have a trade paperback of the entire series complete. One thing that might delay the paperback is that I would like to re-do the first issue, it was done digitally and I think it’s akward; it was also done a LONG time ago (2007) and it needs to be …better. But I can always have the final chapter complete for next convention season, and then the trade ready at some point in the near future. I hope some people are looking forward to that.

Extinct animal series

The Thylacines are complete! We were selling prints of them at Vancaf this weekend. I am hoping to make an extinct animal art book and I was thinking of throwing in some endangered animals as well, since we are getting requests at conventions for specific animals (Whale Shark has been added to this list).     little gwu - basicweb

One Flew Over

One flew over is finally complete! To my horrible shame I was horribly late with getting it done. All the sick cat drama took so much of my time. Anyway, it’s done and I think it looks good! I’m really excited about that one. We stayed up till 2am finishing. Jepi helped by lettering for me. Patreon patrons have seen a couple pages already but everyone else will have to wait until it’s in print. oneflewover-preview

Hello, Albertosaurus

I didn’t post a Hello, Albertosaurus page this week because I had to prepare for Vancaf but since Vancaf is the last show of the year for us I’ll be back to regular updates next week. I’m going to try to have it printed by next Vancaf so in less than a year we will be posting pre orders for it. I’m so excited!


Vancaf has been a huge success for us. We didn’t bring enough comics on the first day and actually sold out around 2pm! We sold all our bags too! We brought them as an experiment to see if they would sell so we didn’t have too many but still surprised! I’m so excited about someone carrying around a hello, albertosaurus bag in the city, haha. You know, someone other than me. We will have more bags in the future and maybe other things too.     When we do conventions like this we get lots of questions on how we get started and stuff like that. So many times people ask how they can get started but there is really only one answer to that question. Make some comics. You can’t think about diving into the convention scene without anything to sell promote. Web comics are a great way to build a following so when you do go to conventions you have something to sell and share.


Production Notes 1

Production Notes

Keep up to date on what we are doing, even when we run silent.


little gwu - basicweb

It’s been a tough month. Aside from our apartment being in renovation mode (re-piping) so all our furniture and stuff from the bathroom, hall, foyer and half the kitchen being crammed into our living room and studio spaces, I was struck down by a flu, followed immediately by a pretty bad cold. All of that is coming to an end, but it’s left me in a bit of a crunch time. We also had Fan Expo in there. It’s not our favourite convention by any stretch but we get a lot of social media interaction after that convention that makes any of the frustrations worth it. Vancaf is coming up soon, which IS our favourite con. It’s actually the only con that really CLICKS for us. We don’t have the means to run off the to USA or Toronto for other conventions.

Hello, Albertosaurus

I missed one week posting but back to regularly scheduled posts! I’m really loving the scenery in it. We’re up to Page 6 of 14 pages for Chapter 4. I only have layouts done up to half way through chapter 5 so I guess once “one flew over” is done (see below) I’ll be doing that in the spare time between hello, Albertosaurus pages. It takes me roughly 9-10 hours per comic page (from sketch to lettering) so when I also work a 40 hour a week job it takes its share of my “free” time.

One Flew Over

Pages in progress

Pages in progress

This is the comic I am drawing, written by Jason Wilkins (a writer I enjoy working with a great deal!) is for Cloudscapes second volume of Epic Canadiana. I am lucky enough that I got to work on the same characters/ story arc as in the first issue and its been great. the story is awesome so I’m really keen to do a decent job. More motivation came with the arrival of my Eon Comic boards which are luscious to work on. A little pricier when you factor in the shipping costs but worth it given that I enjoy working on them so much, especially with ink.

I’ve got the layouts done on this and I’m working on Pencils. It’s due May 1. I think I can get all the art done by then but I’m a little worried about getting the lettering and stuff done by then. Time will tell. I’m going to try to spread Hello, Albertosaurus out through the weekdays (after work) to fit in more One Flew Over on weekends.


little jep - basicweb

Epic Canadiana 2: Ghost Woman

GW 3

Preview panel

ink tipper

Cheese the ink bottle tipper

GW 2

I’ve been using mostly a quill

gw 1

Sometimes I use a brush too






I am running a bit behind with this one, it’s due May first and I’ve one just begun inking.  Our Kitten cheese also knocked over my bottle of new ink I was going to try out, luckily I had some spare Winsor and Newton and Speedball ink hanging around.

Extinct Animal Painting Series


Dodo and other artwork currently on display at Deserres

I’ve completed the Dodo and it is currently on display in the front window of Deserres (Art Store) on Broadway (1431, West Broadway, Vancouver). The Dodo was painted on Hot Pressed Fabriano paper and inked with Deleter waterproof ink using a Quill pen.

Right now, I am creating a painting of a Thylacine pair, which is my favorite animal. I am using hot pressed fabriano paper again and Winsor and Newton artists quality watercolours because I liked using the quill pen to ink  and I want the series to all look similar. Quill inking does not work well on Soft and Cold Pressed Paper.

One of the challenges of this painting series is finding accurate information on the environment and original habitat of these animals. The information tells you where the animal lived, but images of that area from the time they were alive isn’t available. What you get is modern images which in the case of the Dodo’s natural habitat is now all beach resorts, and I am sure a flightless bird didn’t spend time rolling on a beach.

thylacine 6

Completed ink of Thylacine pair, ready to paint!

Thylacine 5

I often will print multiples of the sketch and test value and colours with markers or watercolour

Thylacine 4

The first splashes of paint!

thylacine 3

In progress inking with light pad and quill pen

thylacine 1

Most up to date of progress: most base colours are in and I’ve started shading

thylacine 2

Original half completed sketch









Fret not Daqueran fans, it is not forgotten, once the Epic Canadiana comic is over I will be doing Daqueran again. I even have some progress for you as I have been thumb-nailing pages! ITS TRUE! I’ll even show you a page of thumnails! I will be happy to finish this story finally, but it doesn’t mean I dont have plans for these characters to come back in additional short comics or something.

Daqueran Layouts/thumb nails for Chapter 7

Daqueran Layouts/thumb nails for Chapter 7