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Once Upon a Time – Cover samples and winners

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We held our usual cover submission contest for the One Upon a Time Anthology cover, we got one wrap around cover and two regular cover submissions. We decided against a public vote this time as last time it ended up just being a popularity contest to see who could send the most friends over. Having said that, feel free to comment on this post and share your thoughts about each cover possibility.

Here are the submissions

WINNER - Wrap around Submission by L.M. Silva

FUTURE VARIANT COVER – Front Cover Submission by Jason Hart

Front Cover Submission by LeEtta Schmidt



Once Upon a Time…

There was a little anthology project, where lots of different artists put their work together to make a graphic novel.  But there was a problem, their little anthology didn’t have a cover. This is sad news for a book, it’s like a human with no face.

So, the creators of the Anthology decided there would be a great competition in the land and that’s how they would choose the cover.

Along came the guidelines:

Anyone can enter, even if you didn’t  submit or get accepted  to the anthology.  You can also submit as many as you like.

Leave appropriate room for a title graphic/ Logo

Obviously, no copyrighted characters, designs or logos.

Read the original anthology submission information to get an idea of what the anthology will contain
Please avoid the cliche fairytale imagery from Aesop’s Fables and the like, the entries are from all over the world and we have some really varied folk tale ideas and we don’t want people to think they will be seeing the common classics in this book, because they won’t.

Must be in full colour, traditional or Digital, doesn’t matter. Remember it’s the cover to the book, and people judge a book by its cover(believe it or not), so it should be attractive and enticing.

The finished graphic novel will have a final size of 5.5″X7.75″, this is commonly referred to as “Manga” sized books

The accepted entry will be required to sign the same contract as other participating artists.

Your file must conform with the template (Download template)

PNG or TIFF (LZW compresssions, IBM compatible)

Submissions must be received by April 30,2012  SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED!
please send a JPG preview to

The winning cover artist will receive 1 free copy of the Anthology, and be able to buy future issues at Artist Pricing + sh.

Other than that, just a few things to say to tie up any unforeseen complications/issues:

If we do not feel that any of the submissions are appropriate to the anthology we will not pick a winner and go with our “Plan B”.

We will be holding some public voting, however the public votes are not the only factor. To be frank and Honest, they tend to be more popularity contests than legitimate choices, and we want the best cover, not the most popular artist who has more friends to tell about the voting.

As this anthology is more a collaborative artist project, artists do not receive a share of profits sold by other artists or Gurukitty studios sales. If you wish to gain some financial benefits for yourself you need to sell your own copies of the book and you will keep 100% of the profits of your own sales. However, Gurukitty Studios will promote the locations where artists are selling this anthology as well as artists online shops. Gurukitty Studios will cover all costs and labor for preparing the book for publication apart for individual comic submissions which need to be submitted in compliance to the technical specifications.

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