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Indiegogo complete!… so whats next?

Well, the indiegogo campaign is done, did we meet our goal? Nope.

But there is still hope, thanks to everyone, but especially Blur Ple (we love you) we made JUST enough to be able to do the book, at the same printer but just fewer copies.

Was the indiegogo a success? ABSOLUTELY!

If you missed the indiegogo fundraiser but still want to help, you can still donate to use via paypal (button below) or support us via our patreon page, any money we have right now and anything we get in the coming months will only add to making Hello Albertosaurus more epic! We would LOVE to try and get some more so we can do some better paper stocks. I will be openinging pre-orders on our website soon as well, but those are going to be at retail price, not the prices we had on the fundraiser, so keep a weather eye!

So now what? Well now we have a LOT to do, Jayleen is in the middle of re-doing some pages (refreshing the art on some pages that weren’t as awesome), and then Jeri is going to re-letter the whole thing, then we have to layout the entire book, creating the extra interior pages that will be included. So all in all, many weeks and months of work.
Our goal is to get this done by Christmas, send the books to the printer and have at least our Patreon and Indiegogo books in our hands by about… May. May is the goal because we want to sell it at Vancaf 2019 as our first launch.

Side note, we may be noticing some changes on the website soon, we are going to be doing some revamps, so don’t worry if you see some weird things happening!

Thank you to everyone who has come out and supported us on Patreon and with this indiegogo!



Production Notes 7

Hello! Welcome to our Productions Notes! We have been busy lately after an age of silence. We just finished VANCAF and are now barreling ahead on Hello, Albertosaurus being printed.

little gwu - basicwebBrownies: an inktober 2017 collection premiered at Vancaf! I made all my inktober brownie drawings into a little zine with a pink cover. They might make it up on etsy and in our online store so watch for that.

Hello, Albertosaurus!  the Indiegogo campaign to print is live! It’s been ~10 years since we went to Drumheller, 4+ years of drawing, 2 years of planning, tons of paper, marker, pens and deadlines and the comic is nearly done. If we do well on the Indiegogo we can have great add ons to the print to make the book look more and more special! We are so excited about this! This has been the longest going completed project we’ve done to date and I’m so pleased with how it looks!
The great thing about indiegogo is you get a quality creator-created-with-passion product and your contribution all goes directly towards the artist and creating the project. There’s no middle man cutting into the profits and no corporations sucking up more money.
We could really use your help getting this campaign noticed! Please share the link on your social media!

This is going to consume my life for the next 6 months or so, and beyond. We intend to have the printed copies available at VanCAF next year and we are so excited! I hope you’re excited too and I hope that helps us meet our goal!

little jep - basicweb
Vital facts that could prevent unnecessary and tragic end for the big fellow” is a quote you may have heard once, but it’s also the title of a mini zine I released for Vancaf. The mini zine was a collection of information about the biology and ecology of the endangered animal known as bigfoot…if he exists. If you are interested in this volume, watch out for it’s appearance in our shop in the near future.

Now that Bigfoot is done, and Vancaf is over, we have to move onto new things, I am going to be picking back up with my extinct animals book project. I will be doing some research and illustrations on various species that have disappeared from earth and compiling them into a book.


I hope those of you that have been waiting for Hello, Albertosaurs for years are going to take advantage of this Indie gogo and help us meet our goal and make this book the best it can be, and those of you who are just new to it, I hope you’ll love it and want the print version in your library <3


Indiegogo is live!

Its live! the Indiegogo fundraiser is live! you can pre order your copy there and get some swag as well!

Pitch Image

We are also at Vancaf this weekend! come down and check out our new books about big foot and brownies! <3


Pre Launch Exclusive for IndieGogo

Guys, we’re starting the Indiegogo for Hello, Albertosaurus! There is an exclusive pre launch live right now, stay tuned for the full launch in the next couple days <3

Pitch Image


Production Notes 6

little jep - basicweb

Swan song Anthology

I have finally finished a watercolour 5 page comic for the Cloudscape Swan Song Anthology. Gosh! it was brutal having to paint such large pages (14”x14”), but the final book is expected to be 12×12, to mimic a vinyl record sleeve. The pages are full watercolour on Fabriano SP watercolour paper.

The Cryptid Project: Ravings from a Skeptical Believer

I have been designing Cryptids for my next book project, more information and sketches will be available soon, first to see them will be Patreons. I have had a strong interest in cryptozoology and my scientific and rational mind often conflicts with my sense of adventure, so this should be interesting.

  Aside from those, I have other projects in mind, but I need to learn to focus on one project. You’ll see little sneak peeks of these on Patreon.



little gwu - basicweb

I’ve finished my school (Diploma in Veterinary Assisting, woo day job.) so now I’m back to just working full time and can dedicate my days off back to my kitties and of course, Hello, Albertosaurus.

It’s actually pretty close to wrapping up so I’m hoping to get this done fairly quickly and have at least a rough print sample for next Vancaf in May 2018. At that point we will also have our Kickstarter to cover the printing cost. If you’re a patron at certain levels on our Patreon you will be getting one of the first copies already.

At this point we are about ⅓ of the way through chapter 7, then chapter 8 is a short chapter then it’s done.


Sixtember is something new that was developed in a conversation with Siobhan. We were lamenting the lack of art challenges for September and wanted something link Inktober and sketchvember but with a little less structure as a warm up. #Sixtember was Siobhans idea to do Six minute sketches every day.  We were very surprised to see so many people start doing it right off the bat! It’s been really fun. We’re going to keep this up every year from now on 🙂

Gurukitty Studios wants to thank our Patreons for their continued support

Patreon Update:
We made a change to Patreon. Instead of Patrons getting the comic pages 1 day in advance they see the pages 1 week in advance of the public. There are also some perks like seeing a 2 page spread as one image instead of split on 2.

Hello, Albertosaurus is going to take up significant amounts of our time in the next year but Patreons will be able to see our progress. After Hello, Albertosaurus I will start announcing more ongoing projects. I just gotta Focus.

Aerial Escape is now available in full for “Secret comic pages Tier” Patreons.



Sixtember 2

We all know Inktober and Sketchvember are coming up and I love those challenges. I’m always gearing up for it all through the Summer and doodling aimlessly until then. I began to feel like we need something in September because Summer is winding down, the cool weather is starting (Here, anyway!) and its when I feel most inspired. It seems like a good time to do some warm up art leading up to the other challenge months. Chatting with my friend Sio about it, that’s how Siobhan came up with the idea for Sixtember. So that’s what we are going to do this year! A drawing a day taking 6 minutes each. you’ll see our posts start showing up in our Instagram @gurukittystudios and you can also follow Siobhans posts on her instagram @Sio.Smith !

Want to join in? Just take a drawing as far as you can for 6 minutes then post it with hashtag #sixtember and/or #sixtember2017.



Want to participate in our next comic project?

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a new comic project involving cryptids and folk lore and was interested in getting some information from you about your opinions on some cryptids to include in my comic.

I’m case you don’t know, a cryptid is a creature that has yet to be proven to exist, and Cryptozoology is the study of those creatures and attempting to prove or disprove their existence.  Before you laugh that off as just goofy pseudoscience remember that the okapi was once a cryptid. The okapi was described to white people by native people in Africa and was considered a myth (by white people) until it was seen by and properly described and classified into the current system, the Linnaeus system. To be fair that system is a long process, involving a lot of research that needs to be peer reviewed before being accepted, so it’s a good system.

So, having said that, I pose these questions, is it possible some of these creatures exist? Are they a new species, or just mistaken identity? What is your general opinion on the cryptids I will be listing below?
I would like a variety of quotes from people who are skeptics and believers.

PLEASE NOTE: Your comments on this issue may end up in my final book (credited to you, of course…if you want), as quotes, so try and limit your answers to a kind of sound bite type response, or be aware that I may only use a portion of your answer. Not all responses will make it in, if you don’t want your quote used in a book, then please don’t respond to this. Responses to this article will be considered permission to use your response as I see fit in my weird little comic.

Cryptids in question:

Jersey Devil
Flatwoods monster
Ogogpogo/Loch Ness

You don’t need to provide an opinion on all, just ones you have an opinion on.jacko copy


Vancaf 2017

We will be exhibiting at Vancaf this year

selling our usual stuff but also some new things, prints and some new products…

Vancaf will be open to the public
Saturday May 20, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday May 21, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

and the location is fairly easy to get to by public transit
The Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Take the Canada line to the Roundhouse station and it’s across the intersection

Our booth is L7 in the gym

placement vancaf 2017


Fan Expo 2016

Fan Expo Vancouver is almost here! Gurukitty Studios is there with a couple of trial items, we’re testing some products to see if they’re something we should pursue in the future!

So we’re Booth A33 in the artist alley.



In other news, just a quick note, I’ve added a second size at a lower price point to my pet portrait commissions! You can now get what is essentially a School photo style portrait of your pets. I’ll have some examples up shortly.

You’ll also notice some other stuff up on our etsy, Check out Jeri’s paintings up there too!   Heck you should just go follow our Etsy Shop! We’re experimenting and slowly building it up to be our main source of selling our stuff so its worth watching out if you want to get any future products from us. 🙂



Inktober 2016


This year we will be doing more random work, not such a strict theme like last year, but I (Jeri) am going to do some prehistoric animals and plants with some inky flourishes.  You can see the images below, as well as on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to make any suggestions or comments  in the comment section below.